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The Benefits of Homemade Soaps

It goes without saying that everyone needs soap to clean themselves and to sanitize the items they use and spaces that they live in. when it comes to buying soaps, each person has got diverse preferences. Some go for the fragrance, some go for the lather, some for the colorants and some for the brand. No one ever stops to ask themselves about the content of the soap. At the back of their minds, they know that they should investigate the quality of the ingredients but somehow there are better things to do with their time. However, many of those who take time to check out the ingredients of the commercial soap find out that they are produced using synthetics and chemicals as opposed to natural agents. Well at this juncture, it is rather obvious the need to go for natural products as opposed to chemical products. Natural ingredients increase the moisture content in the soap leaving the skin soft, and silky.

Even when people know that most of the soaps in the market are chemical-based, they are at a loss on what they can do about it. What most of these people do not know is that it is very easy to produce their own homemade soap. If a person wants to be sure about the quality of the products they are using, they should produce it themselves and this includes homemade soaps. In addition to using natural products to make such soaps, the user can also add in eccentric fragrant, additives and colorants. This is an opportunity to go wild. Some of the possible homemade soap additives include shea butter, glycerin, dried herbs, flowers, milk, honey, wine, seaweed, coffee beans, citrus zest, berry seeds, fruit juice, aloe vera, vitamin capsules, and almond.

Before one gets to the additives stage, they are obviously asking ‘how do I make the soap’. The science behind making soap is actually very simple. Soap making involves a systematic combination of fats, oils lye and fragrant. In order to make homemade some, an individual need to have basic skills and techniques. There are various methods of making homemade soaps. When the person is ready to start the soap making process they should ensure they have their tools and ingredients ready. The tools need are containers to hold the ingredients, a pot, a source of fire, stirring sticks or spoons, a soap mold, and a blender. The ingredients include vegetable oil, lye solution, fragrant, color and additives of your choice.

The first step to making cold process soap is to heat the oil on moderate heat until it gets to one hundred degrees Fahrenheit. Put off the heat and add the lye solution to the hot oil while stirring slowly. Thereafter, put the oil and lye solution into a blender and mix until you attain a trance state. Remove the mixture from the blender and place in a mixing bowl. Add your fragrant, essential oil, additives and color appropriately. Mix with a wooden spoon until to attain a smooth mixture. Pour the mixture in your soap mold and allow to rest for a day. The soap will harden after twenty-four hours but is ready to use after two weeks.

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