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Waste disposed of carelessly may cause pollution and even great danger to people living in a compound. This is because some pieces such as metal, glasses, and plastic are not disposable and therefore remain in the soil for a long duration. Sewage waste may also pollute the water sources if it is not treated and released to the rivers. There are various waste management practices that can be embraced to help save the environment. Some of the waste management practices may include.

Refuse. Refusing involves declining to dispose of waste carelessly in the environment. This is because one understands the impacts of poor waste disposal on the environment. One also comes up with strategies to reuse waste such as making products from them. While some of these materials are not single used, they can be carried in bags after use to be cleaned. Collecting waste materials thrown in dumping sites to clean them up and reuse them is advantageous instead of using other means such as burning and this is because the smoke emitted causes air pollution.

Another waste management practice that can be adopted is reducing. This is minimizing the number of objects such as plastics that are disposed of. Sometimes, it is necessary for one to be cautious when shopping and this is to get things that they need. Instead of buying products in new containers, it is advisable to carry old containers for a refill. This will help one to avoid getting too many things that they may not require. One can reduce waste by getting disposable products.

Repairing is a good waste management practice. This is where one fixes a product to reuse it. Products such as electronics get damaged quickly. Instead of disposing of them, it is necessary for one to get them repaired to avoid the need to purchase new ones. This will prevent too much waste. Another idea to prevent too much waste disposal is rotting. Rotting is specifically for waste from the kitchen and others which can be decomposed. One can design a compost pit where such waste is thrown and covered for some time. One can introduce some organic materials to facilitate decomposition. The advantage of this is that such waste can be converted into manure which can be used in a garden to increase the fertility. Composting this waste helps to prevent discomfort which results from bad smell produced by decaying food scrap and other materials.

Another waste management idea that can be used is recycling. Recycling is the activity of changing materials into new materials and objects. There are many companies that have been established to recycle waste such as sewage. They clean up contaminated water which is purified and can be used in activities such as cleaning, drinking, and irrigation among many others. There are specialized machines which are used in recycling. Getting these machines can help one to recycle waste and reduce that which is channeled into the environment. Some of the recycled pieces maybe even sold and therefore creating a source of income for an individual.

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