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Advantages and Benefits of Truck Parking Services

It’s a fact that there are shortages when it comes to truck parking spaces. It is, in fact, a national safety concern. Commercial truck drivers, in fact, need to have access to a secure, safe and accessible parking area. Due to the projected growth of traffic of trucks, the demand for truck parking continues to outpace the supply of both private and public parking facilities and only exacerbate truck parking issues that are being experienced in various regions.

With an inadequate supply of truck parking areas, it results in different negative consequences. A tired truck driver may end up still continuing to drive due to the reason that they have problems when it comes to finding a good place where they could park and get a good rest. Truck drivers also may choose parking at locations that are unsafe when they are not able to find an available parking space.

There are studies that were made and completed for adequate truck parking and studies also showed an expected growth when it comes to the truck activities, shortages on parking for the trucks and on the lack of information with regards to opportunities of truck parking as well as on the challenges on limited requirements. Some benefits of truck parking services are as follows:

The driver will get qualified receipts that include departure and entry times and charges of using supervised service parking.

Road connections from motorway exits to the parking facility is suitable for the heavy vehicles when it comes to construction and in considering the interest of residents.

Parking areas are open all the time for 24 hours a day.

The parking areas for passenger cars and for trucks are separated.

Truck stops also are manned and are also open all the time. This means that users will have a contact available when needed.

The exit and entryways of the truck parking areas are under surveillance. All of the departing and arriving trucks are going to be recorded. Liting, soiling conditions and the license plates also are recorded.

All of the access facilities from the outside also undergo video surveillance. Video systems will be recorded for 24 hours every day. They also come with fences with good height.

Some also have transmission monitors of their video system installed from various areas like in the office and are only made visible for personnel. Human security is also available 24 hours. Recording devices are usually installed in zones that are only accessible for authorized personnel.

The data from their video cameras also are recorded, disclosed or are erased based on legal possibilities and according to the guidelines.

There are also emergency sheets with phone numbers for medical care and police.

There are also different drinks like coffee and hot meals available for 24 hours a day and you could eat them while in their building.

There are likewise sanitation facilities for drivers based on their special requirements like washbins, and personal shower areas, which can be accessed easily from the parking lot. The access routes from parking areas to the building will also be lighted during night time.

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