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7 Items You Should Never Leave Behind When Going to the Gym

Do you go to the gym? If yes, or if you are planning to begin, there are some few items that that should be in your gym bag before leaving the house. Before you leave the house, ensure every item you will need at the gym is already packed in the gym bag. It doesn’t feel good to realize you didn’t carry some items when you are already at the gym.

Usually, the things you are likely to include in your bag will depend on what workout you are planning to do at the gym. Regardless of what you are planning to do, below are essential items you should always carry to the gym:

A bottle of water

The body will need some water to replace the one being lost as sweat. And of course you will feel thirsty when exercising. For this reason, ensure you have a bottle full of water. The water will help in keeping your body hydrated, enabling you to continue doing your workout.

Training clothes

It is obvious you will need a change of clothes from your fancy jeans into a more comfortable workout gear for men. Don’t worry so much about fashion. Ensure you carry some clothes and shoes that can allow your body breath easily.


Your body will be full of sweat when training. There will be nobody who will want to come close to you when you are smelling nasty. Make sure you carry deodorant and apply it before you start and after the working out.

Device for monitoring heartbeats

Although exercise is healthy, it is critical you watch how you are doing it. The device is essential to know how far you are supposed to go. A heart monitor measures your heartbeat rate as you continue working out. Some of these devices can also help you know the amount of calorie being burnt as you exercise.

Unused socks

The feet will start smelling of sweat. That is why, carrying another pair of socks to the gym is necessary. Also, if you will take a shower after the session, you will have a clean pair of socks that won’t make your feet dirty again.


Even when trying to lose weight, you will need to eat. For this reason, you need to eat to avoid collapsing from hunger on your way home. And for Christ sake make sure you don’t carry foods that will add more fat to your body.

Some good songs

Music is necessary for motivating you. It will also prevent you from getting distracted while you are busy. Pack some headphones with some good songs in the bag. These motivational songs will boost you when exercising. In case you don’t have all the items mentioned above in your gym bag, ensure you add them immediately before you forget. These items will help you have a good gym session.